Type 2

Dry Time Compressed Air Dryers

Specially designed with + Energy Saving and Minimum Service Requirement Consumer Satisfaction Manufactured targeted.


(The battery structure) conductivity with a strong pre-cooling system has been designed specifically optimized by combining the maximum level of the primary cooling circuit is designed as a private and rigorous. Evaporator using special insulation against external factors (battery) are made aiming to be more long-lasting.

Evacuation Structure

To prevent unnecessary loss of air and dirt when the compressor is set to run for more than consumption conservative filter feature on a solenoid valve is used.

Used Engines

 embraco  cubigel-logo  Aspera_logo-500x333  Logo Tecumseh
 DT 3100  DT 3700  DT 4500
Dimensions: 500x600x600
Connection Size: 1
Motor power: 1/3
 Dimensions: 500x500x600
Connection Size: 1
Motor power: 1/2
Dimensions: 500x600x600
Connection Size: 1
Motor power: 3/4